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Rates & Terms
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WeLendUs provides a wide spectrum of loan products available to accommodate customers with a wide range of credit scores. The lowest rates and higher loan amounts are reserved for customers with excellent credit. Actual rates vary by applicant depending on their state of residence, your supporting documentation, and underwriting. Published rates are subject to change without prior notice and not all applicants will qualify. Underwriting guidelines and other terms and conditions apply to all loan applications.

WeLendUs is offering loans to residents in those states where it is permitted by law. The content of welendus.com does not signify a solicitation or offer for loans in all areas. Areas of operation may change with or without notice. Services mentioned on this website may or may not be available in your particular area

Terms: You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this offer. Information contained in your credit report was used for this offer. You received this offer because you met certain criteria for creditworthiness. You must continue to meet the criteria used to select you for this offer and our creditworthiness criteria, including our ability to verify the amount of your income and debts. The total monthly payments that you will make as of the date your loan is granted (including the loan for which you will have from WeLendUs), cannot exceed 25% of your regular net monthly income. This offer is non-transferable. You will not need to provide personal or real property as security for the loan. You are not eligible for this offer if you have a current loan balance outstanding with WeLendUs unless you agree to combine the offered loan with your current loan balance outstanding.

We cannot commit to granting you a loan unless and until Your completed application is approved by Our Underwriting Department

We are confident that we provide a competitively priced product. You are able to check alternatives.